Welcome to Baal Hamon Publishers

"I am starting to see that Baal Hamon Publishers expects a very high standard from their authors and that anything that comes from their warehouse will be well worth your time reading".

            - Terry Delany ( @Christbooknotes)

Baal Hamon Publishers is  an imprint of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry, hence our preference is for books with strong moral themes. However, this does not mean that we publish only religious books but  it does mean that we would not consider publishing anything that can be termed "immoral". For us, publishing is not just business. it is ministry. WE SERVE CHRIST THROUGH PUBLISHING. Our ultimate goal in publishing books is not profit but to affect lives and the world positively.

Tie That Binds

Joy and Truth Christian Ministry itself is a non-denominational   Christian witnessing and teaching ministry with a commitment to promoting the unity of the faith and Spirit among Christians from all backgrounds. We are not affiliated to any particular denomination. We welcome every Christian.

Books published under our Traditional Publishing Contracts are listed under the Baal Hamon Publishers imprint while books published under our Professionals-Assisted Self-publishing Contracts are listed under our new Grace Chapter imprint.


Baal Hamon Publishers participated in the Yale Publishing Course (2016) - tagged Leadership Strategies in Book Publishing.www.pleasantworship.com

To submit a book proposal, please send query to publishers@baalhamon.com

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