About Baal Hamon Publishers

Baal Hamon Publishers is  an imprint of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry, hence our preference is for books with strong moral themes.  For us, publishing is not just business. it is ministry. WE SERVE CHRIST THROUGH PUBLISHING. Our ultimate goal in publishing books is not profit but to affect lives and the world positively.


1) Question: Why is your name Baal Hamon Publishers, isn't Baal the name of some false gods?
Answer: Our name was chosen from the Bible, from Songs of Solomon 8: 11. In that verse, Baal Hamon is not the name of a god but a PLACE - the place where King Solomon had his vineyard. The literal meaning of the worcil "baal" is "ruler" or "lord." "Baal Hamon" literarily means "ruler of a multitude." It is sometimes translated as "place of a multitude."

2) Question: Do you publish only religious works?
Originally, we published only religious works but our lists have grown to include fiction, biographies, political essays and we hope to add academic titles in the not-too-distant future.

3) Question: Do Authors have to pay to get published by Baal Hamon Publishers?
In the past, Baal Hamon Publishers provided both royalty publishing and independent publishing. After a recent reorganisation, we have moved our Independent Publishing Services to an entirely new business line. Baal Hamon Publishers has done ONLY royalty publishing since setting up a new company to handle Independent Publishing services.

4) Questions: How can I get published by Baal Hamon Publishers?
Authors wishing to have their books considered for publication by Baal Hamon Publishers should follow the submissions guidelines provided on this website and contact us if they need further clarifications.

5) Questions: Will I receive a Royalty Advance if Baal Hamon Publishers accepts my book for publication?
Not every author whose work is offered accepted for publication by Baal Hamon Publishers is offered a royalty advance. A royalty advance will usually be weighed on a case by case basis putting market realities and author's credentials into consideration.










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